The TUSA bucket wheel washes sand and guarantees its recovery through mechanical separation, limiting the loss of fine materials to a minimum.

The entire unit is supported by a very large and sturdy hopper on which the wheel axle and bearing housings rest. It is equipped with an adjustable slurry discharge, depending on flowrate, and the unit is regulated by adjusting the discharge area threshold. TUSA has designed and manufactured the bucket wheel to prevent the whirlpool effect that causes losses of fine materials. The hopper also has a drainage hole where stopcocks or valves can be installed. The large perimeter of the decantation tank favours the formation of a thin film of overflow water that prevents fine grains from being washed away with it. The large surface of the tank results in a higher yield.

The wheel is mounted on an axle and fitted with buckets designed to ensure the discharge of the recovered sand. This is made possible by specially designed perforated plates. TUSA designs and manufactures its bucket wheels with a large diameter to achieve perfect air-drying and dewatering.

The axle is directly driven by a compact geared motor unit to prevent contact with the slurry. The simplicity of the mechanism prevents breakdowns and only requires simple, economic, minimal maintenance.


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