Trommel Washer

The TUSA range of products includes this trommel washer which uses friction to vigorously wash such materials as rocks and medium and coarse gravels.

They also break up and separate particles adhering to the aggregates of poor quality that cannot be treated by conventional systems.


The unit is built of cold-formed sheet steel shaped into a drum with a considerable thickness to withstand the huge mechanical effort and wear to which it is subjected.

Depending on the abrasiveness and grain size of the materials to be washed, the drum may be lined with wear-resistant plates or abrasion-resistant rubber sheeting.

In both cases these are assembled in removable sections and bolted onto the drum.

The rubber lining also brings significant noise reduction during machine operation.

In all cases, the inside of the drum is fitted with anti-clogging blades and longitudinal lifter bars.

Optionally, a sorting drum can be positioned at the trommel outlet to improve the washing process and perform a preliminary sorting of the finest materials.

Trommel Driver

The drum is driven by geared motor units that are directly coupled to the turning wheels, both these and the carrying wheels are solid in order to reduce maintenance times.

The wheels and geared motor unit of the drive system are mounted on a bench made of laminated profiles to form an independent, sturdy and compact unit.


There are 6 models in TUSA’s trommel washer range, offering production volumes of between 50t/h and 500t/h.


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