Classification Trommels
  • TUSA ’s CF range of belt conveyor systems utilise standard fabrication systems.
  • They are solidly built systems with a folded steel profile frame assembled with bolts.
  • The CF range of belt conveyors comes with belt widths of 500mm, 650mm, 800mm and 1000mm.
  • CF belt conveyors have a modular design; they are built as a set of independent, bolt-fastened modules that provide users with easy assembly and disassembly, also allowing for also future extensions according to distance over which materials are to be transported.
  • Models in the CF series have a belt width ranging between 400mm and 800mm.
  • TUSA continuously replenishes its stock of side rails, which are common to all widths, allowing for shorter delivery times and reducing production costs through a standardised process.
  • CF belt conveyors are used in different industrial sectors, providing highly satisfactory service to their users.
Classification Trommels

Advantages of the CF range

  • Solidly built with large transport capacity.
  • Modular sections with bolted assembly to allow fast modifications to conveyor lengths.
  • Continuously replenished stock of fabricated modules for fast delivery.
  • Suitable for use in different industrial sectors.
  • The troughed-belt design ensures that there are no spillages on the return side of the conveyor belt.
  • Easy storage and highly efficient shipping from factory to site owing to fully bolted assembly.
  • Spans between supports ranging from 9m to 14m.

Main Characteristics:

  • Folded steel profile frame.
  • Central modules with 0.5–4m-long sections for easy length modification.
  • Tambores bombeados (400 mm de diámetro) metálicos engomados o cerámicos asegurando el correcto centrado de la banda.
  • Idlers are grease-packed and sealed-for-life; idler diameter 89mm, shaft diameter 20mm.
    Reputable brands of flat and flighted/cleated belting.
  • Power transmission: V-belts, geared motor unit or drum motor.
    Drives: electric or hydraulic.
  • Upper roller bridges bolted to the structure with a 1m separation between each.
  • Lower bridges bolted to the structure with a 3m separation between each.
  • Meccano-like assembly designed for smaller volume for shipping, reducing transport costs from factory to site.

Standard Equipment:

  • Loading and discharge hoppers.
  • Side guides.
  • Cover (polyester, canvas, galvanised sheet metal).
  • Access walkway for inspection and maintenance.
  • Bottom tray for waste collection.


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